09/21/2022 Update Announcement


Dear commander, In order to provide high-quality content to all players, Metal Slug: Commander servers will be closed for maintenance at 0:00-4:00 (UTC+0) on September,21. The maintenance may extend. Please pay attention to the server maintenance time, otherwise you may suffer possible losses!


 I.Costume Shop Update

New Bloom Costume – Enticing Flower

II. Limited-time wishmaking recruitment on!

In order to ensure the quality of the game for the majority of players, the content of wishmaking activities will be adjusted after this update. The adjustment content is as follows

1. During September,21 (UTC+0:00:00) to September,28 (UTC+0:00:00), players can get the unit Bloom from the limited-time wishmaking recruitment. Players can perform wishmaking recruitments up to 30 times and get up to 6 Bloom !

2. How to get Wishmaking Coupons: Every 10 normal recruitments, 6 factional recruitments or 8 unit replacements earn you 1 Wishmaking Coupon.

3. Please note that the progress of the previous wishmaking recruitment will be reset after the maintenance.

4. Limited-time Wishmaking Packs are available in the Arms Market. Purchase them to get lots of Normal Coupons.

III.Selection Packs are available!

After the update on September,21 (UTC+00:00:00),the 7-day Selection Packs are coming back! A free pack and 5 paid packs of different prices have been added to the Limited Offer. Purchase Selection Packs and get your desired hero via Limited Offer Selection Pack!

Ⅳ. New bloodshed arena is open!

The 15-vs-15 bloodshed arena is open! Become a legend and win great rewards, including Unit Selection Cards, Faction Selection Cards and Replace Cores!

Event Time: September,21 (UTC+0:00:00) to October,5 (UTC+0:00:00)

Event Rules:

1. Players who have cleared stage 9-40 in the Campaign mode are qualified for this bloodshed arena. Every day, each player can challenge 10 times, and players won't lose stars if they are defeated in the first 3 challenges.

2. Players can assign 1 to 15 units for each battle (up to 3 units from each faction). Whenever a unit is defeated, another unit will join the battle. The battle will end when either side is wiped out.


1. Rank rewards: Players who reach the required rank will get rank rewards.

2. Ranking rewards: After the event ends, all players above Gold V will get ranking rewards based on their final ranking.

3. Daily rewards: Players will get daily rewards after challenging 3 times every day.

V. Word Collection event is on!

1.During September,21 (UTC+0:00:00) to September,28 (UTC+0:00:00), the Word Collection event is on! Get envelopes, collect words, and get great rewards!

2.How to get envelopes: Floor 1 of the Game of Greed or Mine Treasure at any difficulty.

. Double EXP and drops for Mine Treasure!

During September,21 (UTC+0:00:00) to September,28 (UTC+0:00:00), players can get double Gold, EXP and Ores from the Mining Treasure.