04/21/2022 Update Announcement


Dear commander,

In order to provide high-quality content to all players, Metal Slug: Commander servers will be closed for maintenance at 0:00-4:00 (UTC+0) on April21. The maintenance may extend. Please pay attention to the server maintenance time, otherwise you may suffer possible losses!

I. New main stages are coming!

Chapter 36 to 40 will be unlocked after the update. Challenge brand new stages!

II. A new item in the Skin Store!

Find Geweih's new skin: Furious Geweih in the Skins Tore!

III. Fixed the issue that the sound of defeating enemies in the Bloodshed Arena is not in line with the sound settings.

IV. Sekhat's ultimate skill Fury of the Sun and talent Sol Dae Rokker's Mark have been modified. All players will receive compensation based on the quantity of the hero Sekhat they own.

V. Double EXP for Tough Trial!

During April 21 (UTC+0 00:00) to April 28 (UTC+0 00:00), players can get double EXP in the Tough Trial.

VI. Memory Abyss is on!

1.    Explore the depths of the abyss and collect the 4 memory shards! Return to the ancient battlefield and relive the memories!

2.    After the update, the Memory Abyss will become available again. Clear stage 15-01 during April 21 (UTC+0 00:00) to May 19 (UTC+0 00:00) to unlock this feature in the Frontline.

3.    A new memory is added each week, and commanders needs to explore them in order. Once you have cleared all of the stages, Memory Gifts will be unlocked in which you can draw rewards.

VII. Alpha Lab is open!

Alpha Lab is open again during April 21 (UTC+0 00:00) to May 5 (UTC+0 00:00). During the event, players can get research materials from idling rewards. Use materials to develop mech and get great rewards!