04/07/2022 Update Announcement


Dear commander,

In order to provide high-quality content to all players, Metal Slug: Commander servers will be closed for maintenance at 0:00-4:00 (UTC+0) on April7. The maintenance may extend. Please pay attention to the server maintenance time, otherwise you may suffer possible losses!


I. Broken Dimension is turned on

After the update on April,7 (UTC+0:00:00), you can enter the temporal gap by clearing level 20-1 and start the Broken Dimension gameplay. Repair chaotic space-time. Guide the misplaced world. Action to save peace is imminent.

.A new unit is coming!

A new PM 5-star unit Maria is coming!

1. After the maintenance on April,7 (UTC+0:00:00), a new PM 5-star unit Maria will become available. 2. After the maintenance, the new unit Maria can be obtained from Normal and Faction recruitments and Unit Replacement.

.Limited-time wishmaking recruitment on!

1. During April7 (UTC+0:00:00) to April28 (UTC+0:00:00), players can get the new unit Maria from the limited-time wishmaking recruitment. Players can perform wishmaking recruitments up to 60 times and get up to 6 Maria!

2. How to get Wishmaking Coupons: Every 10 normal recruitments, 6 factional recruitments or 8 unit replacements earn you 1 Wishmaking Coupon.

3. Please note that the progress of the previous wishmaking recruitment will be reset after the maintenance.

4. Limited-time Wishmaking Packs are available in the Arms Market. Purchase them to get lots of Normal Coupons.

Note 1: Maria is a PM unit.

Note 2: Five-star units from the large-scale units, the Revolutionary Army, and the PM are rarer than regular five-star units, so they have a lower probability of obtaining them, and the guaranteed minimum number of wishmaking is 60, and friendship calls are not included.

.Double EXP and drops for Mine Treasure!

During April7 (UTC+0:00:00) to April14 (UTC+0:00:00), players can get double Gold, EXP and Ores from the Mining Treasure.

. New bloodshed arena is open!

The 15-vs-15 bloodshed arena is open! Become a legend and win great rewards, including Unit Selection Cards, Faction Selection Cards and Replace Cores! "

Event Time:April7 (UTC+0:00:00) to April21 (UTC+0:00:00)

Event Rules:

1. Players who have cleared stage 9-40 in the Campaign mode are qualified for this bloodshed arena. Every day, each player can challenge 10 times, and players won't lose stars if they are defeated in the first 3 challenges.

2. Players can assign 1 to 15 units for each battle (up to 3 units from each faction). Whenever a unit is defeated, another unit will join the battle. The battle will end when either side is wiped out.


1.Rank rewards: Players who reach the required rank will get rank rewards.

2.Ranking rewards: After the event ends, all players above Gold V will get ranking rewards based on their final ranking.

3.Daily rewards: Players will get daily rewards after challenging 3 times every day.