03/24/2022 Update Announcement

 Dear commander,

In order to provide high-quality content to all players, Metal Slug: Commander servers will be closed for maintenance at 0:00-4:00 (UTC+0) on March 24. The maintenance may extend. Please pay attention to the server maintenance time, otherwise you may suffer possible losses!


I. Double EXP and drops for Tough Trial! During March24(UTC+0:00:00) to March31(UTC+0:00:00), players who have cleared stage 8-1 can challenge the Tough Trial and get double EXP and drops.


II. Happy Lottery Ticket event is coming! Get great rewards now! Event Time:March24(UTC+0 00:00)~April7(UTC+0 00:00). You will get a Happy Lottery Ticket after reaching 100 daily activity, or you can also purchase tickets in the Limited Offer. Scratch the tickets to get great rewards during the Happy Lottery Ticket Event. There are 5 rounds in total, and each round contains 25 rewards. A new round will start once you have claimed all of the rewards in the current round. Join the event and get splendid rewards!


III. New items in the Arms Market! A new item: Happy Lottery Ticket Pack has been added to the Limited Offer. Purchase these packs to get Happy Lottery Tickets.


Ⅳ. Ptolemy Championship Season 5 is coming!

1. This tournament lasts from March24 (UTC+0:00:00) to April7 (UTC+0:00:00).

2. All players have their rank and points reset.

3. Players whose rank is Sergeant or below will have solo battles, and players whose rank is Warrant Officer or above will have 3-vs-3 battles.

4. There are three kinds of rewards: rank-up rewards, rank rewards, and ranking rewards. Rank-up rewards can be claimed whenever the player reaches the required rank. Rank rewards are mailed to players at the end of the season based on their rank. Ranking rewards are mailed to players at the end of the season based on their final ranking.


V.Mine treasure hunt, hell difficulty, reward adjustment.


VI.Fashion store opens

Modin fashion on the shelf - instability experiment