02/10/2022 Update Announcement

 Dear commander,

In order to provide high-quality content to all players, Metal Slug: Commander servers will be closed for maintenance at 0:00-4:00 (UTC+0) on Feb,10. The maintenance may extend. Please pay attention to the server maintenance time, otherwise you may suffer possible losses!


I. A new unit is coming!

A new 5-star unit ALMA is coming!

1. After the maintenance on Feb 10 (UTC+0 00:00), a new REVOLUTION ARMY 5-star unit ALMA will become available.

2. After the maintenance, the new unit ALMA can be obtained from Normal and Faction recruitments and Unit Replacement.

Note 1: ALMA is a REVOLUTION ARMY unit.

Note 2: Large-sized units and 5-star units in the Revolution Army and Ptolemaic Army have a lower drop rate than ordinary 5-star units. Their failsafe is 60 draws in the wishmaking recruitment, and they cannot be obtained from the friendship recruitment.

II. After the maintenance, the exclusive gear of the new unit PROFESSOR and PAULINE will have there exclusive skills and enhancement unlocked.

III. Limited-time wishmaking recruitment on!

1. During  Feb 10  (UTC+0 00:00) to  Feb 24  (UTC+0 00:00), players can get the new unit ALMA from the limited-time wishmaking recruitment. Players can perform wishmaking recruitments up to 60 times and get up to 6 ALMA!

2. How to get Wishmaking Coupons: Every 10 normal recruitments, 6 factional recruitments or 8 unit replacements earn you 1 Wishmaking Coupon.

3. Please note that the progress of the previous wishmaking recruitment will be reset after the maintenance.

4. Limited-time Wishmaking Packs are available in the Arms Market. Purchase them to get lots of Normal Coupons.

IV. Rose Operation has started!

Event Time: From February 10 (UTC+0 00:00) to February 24 (UTC+0 00:00). Event Rules: Complete limited-time quests, collect Bonny's favorite items, light slots in the closet, and get Bonny's gifts!

V. Happy Lottery Ticket event is coming! Get great rewards now!

Event Time:  Feb 10  (UTC+0 00:00) to  Feb 17  (UTC+0 00:00)

You will get a Happy Lottery Ticket after reaching 100 daily activity, or you can also purchase tickets in the Limited Offer. Scratch the tickets to get great rewards during the Happy Lottery Ticket Event. There are 5 rounds in total, and each round contains 25 rewards. A new round will start once you have claimed all of the rewards in the current round. Join the event and get splendid rewards!

VI. Word Collection event is on!

1.During  Feb 10  (UTC+0 00:00) to  Feb 17  (UTC+0 00:00), the Word Collection event is on! Get envelopes, collect words, and get great rewards!

2.How to get envelopes: Floor 1 of the Game of Greed or Mine Treasure at any difficulty.

VII. Double EXP and drops for Mine Treasure!

During  Feb 10  (UTC+0 00:00) to  Feb 17  (UTC+0 00:00), players can get double Gold, EXP and Ores from the Mining Treasure.