01/06/2022 Update Announcement


Dear commander,

 In order to provide high-quality content to all players, Metal Slug: Commander servers will be closed for maintenance at 0:00-4:00 (UTC+0) on January,6. The maintenance may extend. Please pay attention to the server maintenance time, otherwise you may suffer possible losses!


I. A new unit is coming!

A new 5-star unit SECATE is coming!

1. After the maintenance on January 6 (UTC+0 00:00), a new DESERT ARMY 5-star unit SECATE will become available.

2. After the maintenance, the new unit SECATE can be obtained from Normal and Faction recruitments and Unit Replacement.

II. Limited-time wishmaking recruitment on!

1. During January 6  (UTC+0 00:00) to January 20 (UTC+0 00:00), players can get the new unit  SECATE from the limited-time wishmaking recruitment. Players can perform wishmaking recruitments up to 30 times and get up to 6  SECATE!

2. How to get Wishmaking Coupons: Every 10 normal recruitments, 6 factional recruitments or 8 unit replacements earn you 1 Wishmaking Coupon.

3. Please note that the progress of the previous wishmaking recruitment will be reset after the maintenance.

4. Limited-time Wishmaking Packs are available in the Arms Market. Purchase them to get lots of Normal Coupons.

III. Exclusive gear skill unlocked: Hyakutaro,Morden!

IV. Part Factory is open!

In order to break the stalemate on the battlefield, both sides are busy developing new weapons, including the supreme war machine SV-001! The part factory for SV-001 is open again! During January 6 (UTC+0:00:00) to January 12 (UTC+0:00:00), all commanders can process parts and use them to redeem for splendid rewards!! Get your rewards now!

V. Ptolemy Championship Season 4 is coming!

1. This tournament lasts from January 6 (UTC+0 00:00) to January 20 (UTC+0 00:00).

2. All players have their rank and points reset.

3. Players whose rank is Sergeant or below will have solo battles, and players whose rank is Warrant Officer or above will have 3-vs-3 battles.

4. There are three kinds of rewards: rank-up rewards, rank rewards, and ranking rewards. Rank-up rewards can be claimed whenever the player reaches the required rank. Rank rewards are mailed to players at the end of the season based on their rank. Ranking rewards are mailed to players at the end of the season based on their final ranking.

VI. Double drops for Munitions Escort!

During January 6 (UTC+0 00:00) to January 13 (UTC+0 00:00), players can get double rewards from the Munitions Escort.

VII. Word Collection event is on!

1.During January 6 (UTC+0 00:00) to January 13 (UTC+0 00:00), the Word Collection event is on! Get envelopes, collect words, and get great rewards!

2.How to get envelopes: Floor 1 of the Game of Greed or Mine Treasure at any difficulty.