11/11/2021 Update Announcement


Dear commander,

In order to provide high-quality content to all players, Metal Slug: Commander servers will be closed for maintenance at 0:00-4:00 (UTC+0) on November,11,2021. The maintenance may extend. Please pay attention to the server maintenance time, otherwise you may suffer possible losses!

I. New character: Madoka Aikawa & Rumi Aikawa is coming!

II. Exclusive gear skill unlocked: Bloom Metzelei and Sol Dae Rokker!

III. Expedition Trial event has started!

Event Time: November 11 (UTC+0 00:00) to November 25 (UTC+0 00:00)

Expedition Trial event is open! All commanders who have cleared the main stage 8-40 can challenge the trail! There are 30 stages in the Expedition Trial, and 3 stages are unlocked every day. Each stage has five difficulties. Commanders can clear the 1-star difficulty to get stage clearance rewards, and clear the 2-star to 5-star difficulties to earn stars. All commanders are ranked based on their total stars earned. We are looking forward to your participation!

IV. Blackmarket quests are available!

Now commanders can accept quests via Frontline > Blackmarket and assign powerful units to complete the quests to get rewards. Quests of different stars have different requirements and rewards. Quests will become available after commanders complete stage 6-20.

V. Double drops for Munitions Escort!

During November 11 (UTC+0 00:00) to November 18 (UTC+0 00:00), players can get double rewards from the Munitions Escort.

VI. Investment quest is coming! Invest now to get seven gifts!

Event Time: November 11 (UTC+0 00:00) to November 18 (UTC+0 00:00)

During the event, commanders can invest in the Arms Market > Investment to get packs and daily rewards. After the event ends, unclaimed investment rewards will be mailed to commanders. Commanders will get lots of Gold, Musters, and materials for exclusive gear and emblems.

VII. Cumulative top-up event is coming!

During November 11 (UTC+0 00:00) to November 18 (UTC+0 00:00), commanders who meet the top-up requirements can get splendid rewards.

VIII. Ptolemy Championship Season 3 is coming!

1. This tournament lasts from November 11 (UTC+0 00:00) to November 25 (UTC+0 00:00).

2. All players have their rank and points reset.

3. Players whose rank is Sergeant or below will have solo battles, and players whose rank is Warrant Officer or above will have 3-vs-3 battles.

4. There are three kinds of rewards: rank-up rewards, rank rewards, and ranking rewards. Rank-up rewards can be claimed whenever the player reaches the required rank. Rank rewards are mailed to players at the end of the season based on their rank. Ranking rewards are mailed to players at the end of the season based on their final ranking.